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That time is coming around again ...

Folks, we're back! Yes, Lent begins on February 13th this year and that means it'll be 40fandoms times! So there's the rule refresher.

1. Lent begins on February 13th. You must not write anything that you want to submit for 40fandoms before this date.

2. You must not post anything for 40fandoms before Februrary 13th. Write and post only between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

3. You must write forty seperate fandoms. Crossovers count as seperate fandoms so feel free to write a Buffy fic, a Merlin fic and then a Buffy/Merlin fic as three different fics.

When you post, please put each fic under a Livejournal cut with appropriate ratings and warnings, tagging each entry with your user name and the fandom(s) used.

Every Sunday, a prompt will be posted to help you out if you're struggling for ideas. You do not have to use these prompts - they're only there if you want them. When another prompt is posted, you can continue to use the old prompts - they are there for your convenience after all!

Frequently asked questions.

1. Is there a length limit?
No. Write anything of any length.

2. I don't think I can write for forty fandoms but I still want to try. Can I?
Yes, you can. It's fun to aim at getting all forty but not essential. Maybe you'd rather have your own goal. As long as it doesn't go against the two rules, we're happy to see your fic here anyway!

3. I don't really want to write but I'd like to watch. Is that okay?
Yes, it is. In fact, we welcome you! 40 fics is a lot of work, especially in such a short time and people love to know that there's others out there reading and enjoying their work!

4. I'm kind of busy in Lent - can I start a day early/have an extra day at the end?
No, you can't. As we only have a few rules, we do feel obliged to keep them strictly. If you admit to writing outside the time limit or post early, you will be banned from this years challenge.

5. Can I post more than one fic a day?
Yes, you can. Just make sure you LJ cut each fic.

Any questions? Please ask! Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you all on 13th February when the challenge begins!
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