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2013/39. On the Road

The Incredible Hulk/The Fugitive/The Littlest Hobo

"I knew a man with one arm once."

The man called Richard Kimble looked up sharply. "Where was this? And when?"

"New York city," David Banner replied. "He was a scientist, like me, working in a lot of the same areas. His field was cellular regeneration."

"Probably not the same one," Kimble admitted, "unless your cellular biologist used to kill people on the side."

"A little bit," Banner allowed, "but he wasn't a one-armed man when he did that, so much as a huge lizard." With that, he settled into a corner of the freight car to sleep.

Kimble exchanged a look with the car's only other occupant, a lean, pale-furred Alsatian. "Yeah; it sounds crazy to me too, Buck; but then here I am, talking to a dog."

The dog gave a soft whine and padded over to curl up beside Kimble. Soon, they slept, as the train headed out into the night.
Tags: lslaw, the fugitive, the incredible hulk, the littlest hobo
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