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Fandom 5

[Title] Protector
[Fandom] Battle Royale
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Takako Chigusa and Hiroki Sugimura have always been friends. Now they're stuck in a Battle Royale together, Takako knows what she has to do.

The sun is high, warm on the faded wood of the shrine platform. Takako can feel it trying to lure her into falling asleep. She bites her lip to pinch herself awake, and grips the gun more tightly. It’s not the sun. It’s that she’s had no sleep for, what, thirty-six hours? And you can only outrun tiredness for so long.

Shouldn’t have thought about sleep.

Sooner or later she’s going to have to admit defeat and let Hiroki take watch.

Not yet, though.

Bite the lip again. It’s cracked. She gnaws at a loose scrap of skin. The blood taste wakes her up. Houses are danger zone now. They should’ve looked in them at the start, tried to find some coffee. She would eat instant straight from the jar if it’d keep her awake for longer.

But thirty-six hours is halfway through, and more than half the class are dead.

A lot more.

Don’t get stupid. Don’t start thinking you’re home free. It only takes one person.

On the other hand, she has to believe they’re going to make it to the end, otherwise why is she bothering to keep a lookout now? Why isn’t she blowing her own brains out and saving someone else the hassle?

Trees rustle but the shadows are small and speckly and no one can hide in them and the tracker, in her lap, shows nothing but the two pulses of light that are her and Hiroki, no one else around for miles.

Night will be worse. Probably best to get out of here by nightfall. Getting ambushed and trapped in the shrine…

But if you’re going to use that gun, wouldn’t you rather do it with a wall at your back? If she takes aim in a forest in the middle of the night she’ll likely only be wasting bullets, unless someone’s coming right at her, almost on top of her, and Hiroki’s not been fast enough to stop them, and he’s lost, dead –

That’s not going to happen.

That’s not going to happen.

The two of them aren’t talking about what’s going to happen. Hiroki’s other friends are pretty much all dead by now so there’s no one else to look for. They’re working, at the moment, on staying out of sight. Earlier, Hiroki talked about trying to find people, trying to work together, trying to escape. But then Kayoko Kotohiki’s name got read out and now he doesn’t seem to know what to do. Takako’s exhausted enough she was even more scratchy with him than usual. All credit to him, he worked out it was tiredness. He let her contempt wash over him.

Takako knows what to do.

Hiroki’s scared. She knows this. He’s scared of fighting (for some bizarre reason, given that he’s one of the few people in the class who’s taken lessons in a form of combat, but he is scared). He’s scared now, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. Takako thought she’d be in a storm of rage with him having to watch him doubt himself, but she hasn’t been. Maybe because he could be killed at any moment. You value something more when you know you are likely to lose it.

But she’s not going to lose him.

That would be the only thing she’s scared of, but she isn’t going to lose him, and she’s not scared.

He’s been good to her. Probably better than she deserves; she doesn’t exactly give people an easy time of it. So she’ll pay him back.

Hiroki’s terrified he’ll have to pull a trigger. She’s not.

All right, most people left will be playing, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a chance.

If - if - if the two of them are the last ones left, she’ll duck out of the race at that point. The thought of dying doesn’t bother her. The thought of going on living having killed Hiroki makes her want to start screaming.

If she can, she might ask if he can hold onto her while she goes.

Or she might be too scared to.

Until then she is keeping all the deaths away from him. He’ll have time enough to get over his fear back in the real world.

But they are only halfway through and she’s already so tired. She licks blood from the gouge in her lip.

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