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40 fandoms in 40 days
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Challenge for Lent - 40 fics in 40 fandoms
This is a challenge community for Lent. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to produce 40 pieces of fanfiction in 40 different fandoms during Lent.

The Rules

1. Fics must be produced during Lent - no reposting old works! By this, I mean that you can plan in advance as much as you like but please write only during Lent as the time pressure is as much a part of the challenge as the number of fandoms is.

2. Any length is fine - if you can manage 40,000 words for each of the 40 days, that's great! Equally, short drabbles are more than acceptable.

3. "40 different fandoms" does include crossovers, so you could write a Supernatural fic, a Buffy fic and then a Dean/Faith fic and those 3 would count as 3 different fandoms.

4. This community is slash and RPS friendly.

5. Please post entries here and then link elsewhere, rather than posting links here. I'd like this community to be an archive of all the fic produced for this challenge. I don't mean for you to post the stories exclusively here, feel free to start the post with 'read the whole thing here but otherwise here's part 1 of X'

6. Please number your entries and tag with your penname and the fandom

7. Please post entries behind a LJ cut and include all appropriate ratings and disclaimers.

Questions? contact lycoris or emeraldsword


Have fun everybody!